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The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is now in full bloom so what better time to explore the top tips for the perfect wedding day poesy this summer.


Rainbow Club In Full Bloom

Credit: Mckinley-Rodgers Film and Photography

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It’s that time of month again where we share some of the beautiful girls who have worn our shoes this month. On this occasion we had so many lovely options we found it hard to pick between them – so we’ve included three! 

Rainbow Club Shoes Styled

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Here’s where you may have spotted us over the past month, from Brides to You & Your Wedding and Scottish Wedding Directory to Perfect Wedding!


We love hearing from you, so if you’ve spotted us in your favourite magazine this month tweet us at @RainbowclubUK


Rainbow Club In The Press April

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This Wednesday sees Kate and William celebrate their 4th Wedding Anniversary (and potentially the birth of their second child) – how exciting! As you might guess, we LOVE a wedding here at Rainbow Club HQ and were glued to our TVs that Bank Holiday Friday to catch a glimpse of Kate’s beautiful dress. However, it wasn’t just the Brides’ dress we were excited to see. Kate and William’s four Bridesmaids all wore Rainbow Club satin Abigail Mary-Jane style shoes with Swarovski crystal buckles.


A Royal Anniversary

                                                                                          Credit: PA

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The first dance can be tricky… Do you go for full on cheese? Do you show your music knowledge and go for something a bit leftfield? Or do you pick a ‘first dance classic’? Every month we’ll be using this Can I have this Dance section to share some of our favourite smoochy tunes.

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In celebration of all the lovely females who wear our styles, whether on their wedding day or for ‘everyday’, we will be sharing some of their pics every month in this #InOurShoes section. Take a look and see how each of them styled our 2015 collection. We think they look beautiful!


Rainbow Club Vivian Red Shoes

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Fitting exercise into a normal day-to-day schedule can be tough enough. Combined with venue hunting, catering conversations, flower appointments and dress fittings it can be even harder. With this in mind, we’ve put some of the most common questions to our tried and trusted fitness guru, Ollie Reeve, owner of origin personal training Originpersonaltraining.com, to help you get the best results fast.


Wedding Day Fitness


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You may have spotted us in a few of our favourite bridal magazines this month with many of our favourite pieces making the pages. 

You & Your Wedding included a range of our veils in their statement ‘Oh so pretty’ fashion feature in their April / May issue.

Wedding Magazine’s main fashion shoot included Jennifer styled with a very dramatic dress, we just love this image!


Rainbow Club In The Press Wedding Magazine

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You’ve got the dress, your Rainbow Club shoes and that special ‘something blue’ all organised for your bridal transformation. But what about a veil or a headdress? One of the biggest obstacles to choosing a ‘topper’ to wear is what hair style will best compliment your head accessory of choice.  We’ve consulted our team of bridal stylists and hairdresser pros to give you some top tips on how to style our gorgeous array of Rainbow Club veils, headdresses and slides

Short Veil Inspiration

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Mr Grey will see you now...

16/02/2015 12:04

If Mr Grey isn’t your type, we have plenty of other colourful options to entice you, just take a look…


50 Shades of Grey

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With Love, Rainbow Club...

11/02/2015 09:16

 Scarlet, rose, blush; ruby or classic red… we’ve got the ‘colour of love’ covered at Rainbow Club! 



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The Best Wedding Desserts

02/07/2014 16:44

Some people are pudding people and some people are not but regardless of whether you love the sweet stuff or not you’re going to need to give your guests something to keep them sweet after their main meal. We in fact are sweet people and that’s why we particularly enjoyed putting together ideas for this post! We’ve rounded up the teams favourites and we also want to know what yours are?

Yorkshire Pudding Wedding Dessert

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Blue is the colour the sky and the sea. It is also the colour associated with harmony, faithfulness and confidence. Need any more reasons why blue is a fabulous colour to choose for your wedding theme? Read on and see if you too can be won over by blue.

Wedding Theme of the Month: Blue Wedding Ideas

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Is your dog your best friend? Do you love your cat as much as any other member of your family? Or are you simply dotty about your bunny rabbit? If any of these are true you’re going to want to read on about how you can involve them in your celebrations – because weddings are about the whole family being together, right?!

Cat in a dickie bow

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Do you admit that your children often turn up to weddings wearing their school shoes (or similar) as you haven’t managed to find them anything else smart enough for the occasion? Well, forget the mummy-guilt (we’ve all done it!) and instead take a look at our ideas for kids wedding shoes that are formal yet fun, and you and your little darlins’ will both adore! So whether you have big girls or little girls... read on.

Charlie Shoes for Children - Rainbow Club

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Bridal Necklaces We Love

13/06/2014 16:41

We’ve talked before about how getting the right shoes and handbag is important, well, choosing a bridal necklace that you love is also a wonderful part of planning your wedding outfit. Not only does a wedding necklace finish off your look but it also gives you a keepsake from the day, which you can pass on to future generations. The good news is there are lots of wonderful ones to choose from: the only tricky thing is deciding which one is right for you. So have a look at a selection of our favourites and see if you can spot something which will work for you. 

Vintage Necklace - Rainbow Club blog

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Pink is the colour of roses, summer sunsets and candy floss and that’s just a few of the reasons why we love it. It’s also very flattering to wear and sure to add a feminine touch to your day, plus it evokes all the happiness of an English summer’s day. So if you love pink as much as us you may just want to incorporate it into your big day... here’s how.

Sugar Plum Pink Bride

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Looking for some quick tips to lift your wedding away from the too-traditional and into the cool category without upsetting any of your older relatives!?... See these three simple ideas below and you’ll be sure to have a wedding that is remembered for the little touches that made is stand out from the rest.


Wedding Photobooth

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Not all of us have the budget we dream of when it comes to getting married and that’s no problem. The reality is that it’s about who’s there and what’s taking place and the rest is all inconsequential... So if you’re getting married with very little money and still want to make the day go off with a bang follow our ideas for making every penny count and still create a day to remember.


Just Hitched Rope shoestring - rainbow club blog

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Traditionally mother-in-laws get bad press. They are deemed as too controlling, overbearing and sometimes as total busy-bodies! Well if you’d like to avoid all of this sort of thing, there are a few simple things that you can do to make sure that your relationship with your mother gets off on the right foot. Listen up ladies and read on for our top 5 tips...


Mother in Law with Daughter in Law bride

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