Wedding Theme of the Month: Spring Wedding Ideas

Spring is light, bright and full of promise, so what better time could you think of to tie the knot? We love the scent of daffodils, the sight of primroses and all of the possibilities that spring brings for making your day one to truly remember. From table decorations, to cakes, to dresses and special touches – we’ve got it covered. Read on for our take of a beautiful spring wedding.


Spring Flowers, Spring Wedding Ideas - Rainbow CLub

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Work the Look: Low Heeled Wedding Shoes

For tall brides low heeled wedding shoes are a no brainer: they look gorgeous and avoid that awkward moment when you find yourself towering over all of your bridesmaids. But low heeled wedding shoes are not just for tall gals – they’re simply great for other brides too. What better way to ensure that you’ll still be feeling fab at the end of the day and not spend the first day of married life with aching feet and very tired legs! Here’s our round up of the very best...

Low Heeled Bridal Shoes - Annie - Rainbow Club

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Gorgeous Gowns: Our Favourite Wedding Dresses for SS14

Spring and summer have long been the most popular times of year to tie the knot. Why? It’s simple – the days are longer meaning the fun can go on, the flowers and trees will be in full bloom and you can wear exactly what you want. So what are our favourite picks from the SS14 wedding dresses out there? They’re right here for you to swoon over... Enjoy.

Rainbow Club, Gorgeous Gowns: Main Bridal Image

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The Best Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Choosing the right bridesmaids dresses is almost as important as choosing the right dress for yourself. After all you want your nearest and dearest to feel fantastic on your big day too, right?

So we thought it was about time we did a round-up of our favourite bridesmaid dresses out there at the moment. Pippa Middleton did great things for the world of bridesmaids fashion when she wore that stunning figure-hugging dress at the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and we’ve been noticing a real lift in the industry ever since.  At last it’s fine to look sexy and sophisticated all at the same time...

Same Colour Palette Bridesmaids Dresses

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Wedding Theme of the Month: Luxury Wedding Ideas

 ‘LuxuryA delicacy, elegance or refinement. A Pleasure out of the ordinary. A state of great comfort, usually involving great expense.’

Do you enjoy the finer things in life and dream of having a wedding day where you indulge your guests in the greatest luxuries? Well, quite right so! – because in face every bride deserves to feel special on her big day. So whether you choose to indulge in all of these ideas or to simply pick one or two, we recommend bringing at least a touch of luxury to your day – after all ‘you only do it once’, as they say!

Rainbow Club Luxury Weddings: Babington House

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Work the Look: Fabulous Veils

Will you wear a veil, or will you not wear a veil? That is the question... so whether you think you’ve decided already or the jury is still out, we encourage you to read this post for a look at some of the fabulous veils available to you. From the effortless romance of our gorgeous Tosca veil, to a touch of urban cool with the London veil, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something you love. Here is our rundown on fabulous veils...


Tosca Wedding Veil by Rainbow Club

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Grooms Wedding Outfits

Of course you will have given a huge amount of thought to what you’re going to wear on your wedding day – but what about your groom? Is he perfectly capable of decking himself out in a dashing outfit? Or will he need a few tactful suggestions from you? Just in case, we’ve gathered together some our favourite ideas for the boys... take a look and tell us which you love, over on Facebook or Twitter.

Rainbow Club - Groom Outfits blog - Mr Darcy

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Pre-Wedding Pampering: Essential Treats for Before the Big Day

Feeling your best is important for your wedding day – probably more than any other day in your life. So what pre-wedding pampering will you engage in, so that you feel radiant with beauty from the inside out? It’s a great way to keep the nerves at bay too!

Feet in a flower bath

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Wedding Etiquette – Handy Tips for the Modern Bride

Traditional wedding etiquette can feel like a mine-field of do’s and don’ts. In fact there are so many formalities that one can begin to feel a little swamped!  So if your big day is approaching and you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with what you need to do and what you don’t - don’t panic! Here we share a few tips for the modern bride, which will hopefully make navigating wedding etiquette a little easier. Good luck!




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Work the Look: Cute Clutch Bags

Have you accessorised your wedding outfit yet? It’s not just the dress and the shoes – you also need to think about a headdress, a veil, lingerie and of course a handbag. When it comes to handbags we find that clutch bags are the ideal size for all of those wedding essentials – hairgrips, lipstick, tissues, a packet of mints. So what are our favourites and what would we wear them with? Take a look to find out...


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Wedding Theme of the Month: City Wedding Ideas

City weddings are a popular choice with couples who live in town, but they are also appealing to those who simply love the idea of a chic urban wedding. We blog a lot about country weddings so we thought it was about time we added some city wedding ideas to the mix.  Brace yourselves ladies... there are some truly gorgeous chunks of wedding inspiration coming up!


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Gorgeous Hats to Inspire Your Wedding Guests

It’s not often now that we get to wear a hat. Gone are the days of hats on Sundays and we think it’s rather a shame! For that reason we love hats at weddings – so if you’re unsure whether to include them in your dress code or not, feast your eyes on these stunning creations. We’re pretty confident they will have you adding hats as an ‘option’ at least...



It’s not often now that we get to wear a hat. Gone are the days of hats on Sundays and we think it’s rather a shame! For that reason we love hats at weddings – so if you’re unsure whether to include them in your dress code or not, feast your eyes on these stunning creations. We’re pretty confident they will have you adding hats as an ‘option’ at least...

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Blushing Brides

Soft macaroon tones gave Diane Hassall the inspiration to design a scrumptious collection made in only the finest Pink Italian Nubuck and absolutely stunning Rose Gold Laser Cut. The Blush collection has gone from strength to strength and many brides have fallen more in love with it than us!



blush shoes

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Work the Look: Glittering Headdresses

If you have your dress, your shoes, your bag and your lingerie there is just one thing left to put the cherry on your wedding-cake, so to speak – you need something gorgeous to wear on your head of course! Don’t worry if you’re not a veil kind of girl, a glittering headdress may be just the thing for you. Take a look at some of our brand-new gorgeous sparkling headdresses. They are all rather lovely - Oh if I could wear one to the office I would! 



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Bridal Lingerie – Our Favourite Picks

As we all know girls it’s important to love what you’re wearing underneath as much as what you’re wearing on top, so for that reason, make sure you leave a healthy slice of the wedding budget for lingerie. You will only do it once – so make sure you choose something that is just as special as you are and works perfectly with your chosen dress.

We’ve been browsing through the finest of what’s available and have prepared some gorgeous picks for you to take a look at... Have you found your wedding lingerie yet? 



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Wedding Theme of the Month: French Wedding Ideas

Do you dream of skipping off somewhere warmer to tie the knot? Does the allure of French cuisine draw you over the channel? Or is it the sheer romance of becoming Mr&Mrs somewhere different that attracts you to a French wedding? And of course you don’t have to actually go there to bring a little French influence into your big day – you could simply style your wedding with a French twist. So to inspire you, here are our favourite ideas for a French themed wedding – just say oui!


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10 Ways to Pop the Question – How did your man propose to you?

The proposal. It’s where it all begins and it is indeed a very special moment for a man and his lady. But what are the most romantic, the most creative and the most daring ways to pop the question? Here are 10 that really caught our eye...



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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations

The all-important honeymoon.  It’s your chance to relax after the busy period of planning and then doing your wedding, it’s your first holiday together as ‘Mr & Mrs’ and of course it’s an opportunity to be completely spoiled. So where’s your ideal honeymoon destination? Here we run you through our top 10. Do you agree?



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Wedding Theme of the Month: Christmas Wedding Ideas

Christmas is such a special time of year and if you choose to get married at Christmas it can add a whole other dimension to your celebrations. Your guests will be full of festive cheer before you even begin and the possibility for adding lovely Christmassy elements to your big day really is endless. So if you are tempted by a Christmas wedding, read on and see some of our very favourite ideas.




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5 Essential Tech Tools for Every Wedding

Technology isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding. It’s quite likely there are many other things you’ll think of first... a dress, a venue, food... the list goes on. But as we move more into a tech friendly future, more useful and some darn right revolutionary gadgets are being released that we’d be silly to ignore. So what are the 5 essential tech tools for every wedding that will make your journey just that little bit easier? Read on to find out...




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