Colour of the Year


One of the biggest questions surely has to be what your theme will be. Last year saw an elegant ultra violet that encapsulated the dramatic and thoughtful 365 days that we had, and TWO ROAYAL WEDDINGS!


This year sees Pantone 16-1546, or Living Coral to the rest of us…


Described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge”, a beautiful and vibrant colour sure to provide “comfort and buoyancy in our continuously shifting environment”.


Brides have a history with Coral. One bride Jen from the #InOurShoes blog had a wonderful coral wedding as her bridesmaids all turned out wearing the colour for their dresses.


 Images by Field Lane Photography

You don’t need to alter your entire theme to include this colour though. With our Colour Studio, you could have your perfect pair of Rainbow Club shoes hand dyed to match any swatch you can imagine, and why not coral?


Minimalist Wedding Dress and Accessories


Modern culture is all about sharp and simple designs and wedding dresses are not the exception. We can look back at Megan Markle’s Royal Wedding dress from last year featuring a simple yet elegant design. In order to make a statement, less can sometimes be more, and with your dress, that couldn’t be more than true.


The same can also be true for your accessories and veils. Whilst Megan may have worn a 16 foot Cathedral length veil, you may opt for a shorter shoulder or waist length one; elegant and perfect for the minimalist bride.


Our Azalea 24” crystal edged veil is the stunning must have veil for your wedding day, and with our Carmella satin and cosmic lace clutch bag, why not accessorise for the perfect Art Deco inspired wedding.



To add a splash of excitement and allow for some incredible photo shoots, we suggest using neon signs with your wedding theme. Not only do these look amazing, but they can be kept as a memento for you to look back on.


To indulge further, a smoke bomb can be used to create a burst of colour. This can complement your theme or clash to create the ultimate in explosive imagery that neither you or your guests will ever forget!