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What could be easier and more enjoyable than having your perfect pair of Rainbow club shoes hand dyed by our bespoke colour service? Having your beautifully crafted shoes dyed for FREE of course!

New to our 2019 collection, Rainbow Club revolutionises bespoke colour servicing. Now, every pair of our sublime wedding or occasion shoes can be hand-dyed for free using the instructions that come in your shoe box. The system is effortless, swift and just absolutely stunning. Don’t believe us? Just see for yourself!

We at Rainbow Club pride ourselves on colour and what it can do for your wedding day or special occasion. Choosing the perfect shade to liven up your outfit or theme can seem daunting, but with our help, we have you covered.

colour inclusive shoes 2

Show Stoppers

It is often said that there are two types of people in this world; those who are quieter and reserved, and those who aren’t afraid to throw some footwear shade with some bright and bold heels!

If you’re one to wow a crowd and capture the limelight, then look no further than a pair of statement Stilettos. Our Elspeth art deco heels are the perfect match of bold, lively and elegance to strut you down the aisle or dancefloor. With a bright and beaming colour, stand apart and take control of your style.

colour inclsuive shoes 3

Masters of Mystery

The seductive secrecy of mystery comes in many forms; some may wear sunglasses or hide away behind a façade. Being elusive requires neither, but rather a bold, dark shade that doesn’t give much away. They’ll be left wondering, who is she?

You could choose a dark red, maybe even a cobalt blue, how about an emerald green? Well, anything dark for that matter will do and a pair of shoes to match. It’s all about remaining subtle; you want something that gives a hint away to draw the attention, but not too much to ruin the unknown, cryptic element you’ve built up. A pair of our Jennifer peep toes will provide the intricacy of subtlety with the exquisiteness of glamour to keep everyone watching, but always guessing.

Ethereally Elegant

Every girl dreams of becoming a princess on their wedding day, and why shouldn’t they? Now, that dream can become a reality. With a stunning pair of our award-winning shoes, you can transform any style to coordinate with your colour theme.

We do nonetheless; have one last trick up our sleeves – not the magic glass slipper, but we can transform you into the pure elegance. Our classic Georgia pointed courts which are glamorous, contemporary and the epitome of class and vogue.

Running out of superlatives is not something that usually happens to us at Rainbow Club, but on this occasion, it’s easy to see why with our new colour inclusive service.

Did you know that you can also have your Rainbow Club handbag and shoe clips dyed to match? With an endless choice limited only to your imagination, visit to see more of our colour studio, and how your perfect pair of Rainbow Club shoes, handbag and shoe clips can be transformed.

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