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Your choice of footwear can make or break your outfit, and here at Rainbow Club we wholeheartedly understand the importance of versatility and style. Enter the world of shoe accessories, where a single shoe can be effortlessly transformed into multiple different looks with just a simple switch – and it really is as easy as that!

Today on the blog we’re delving into the all the shoe accessory inspiration you can begin to imagine, focusing on clips and straps and how they can bring your perfect pair a second life. This means that you can wear your shoes time and time again or change up the style to suit your mood or style while adding a unique element to your footwear. Plus, our collection of interchangeable shoe accessories mean you can totally elevate your fashion game! From those ‘night out’ heels to a dreamy pair of ivory wedding shoes, we love nothing more than seeing how our customers use our fashion-forward shoe accessories to style their footwear. So, keep scrolling and get clued up on all things accessory-related, it’s time to get creative (and sparkly) …  

Fashion-Forward Shoe Accessories


  Our collection of shoe accessories at Rainbow Club, such as clips and straps, promises a world of possibilities when it comes to stylish footwear and the opportunity to reinvigorate your shoe collection. You can take a single pair of shoes and completely customise them to suit a variety of different occasions and moods – from bridal showers to christenings, Christmas parties to wedding guest attire. You can mix and match, with the freedom to create a brand-new and unique look every time you step out.

Rainboe Club Sparkly Wedding Shoe Clips

One Shoe, Four Styles


  We’re bringing you the concept of Rainbow Club’s ‘One Shoe, Four Styles’ to showcase just how easy (and fun) it is to purchase one shoe but change it up with our selection of shoe accessories to give the impression of multiple different pairs. With just one simple pair of heels, you can quickly and easily achieve four distinct looks by swapping out accessories. Not only will this save you money (and wardrobe space) but it also reduces fashion waste by making the most of your footwear. Have a nosey on our Instagram to browse through more ways to shake up your shoe style here!

Take our Amelie court shoes, a simple yet stunning pair of ivory heels with a subtle pointed toe. They’re the perfect choice to experiment with our shoe clip and ankle strap collections, where you can take them from day to night or wear them at multiple different weddings without anyone knowing they’re secretly the same pair! Designed originally with a delicately beaded ankle strap, it can be easily swapped for other styles that complement the block heel and silver leather detailing.

Amelie ivory satin wedding shoes with optional shoe straps and she clips

Add an elegant and ethereal touch with our Lulu Ankle Strap, which have been beautifully crafted from soft white organza. This strap is made for those who want to make a serious fashion statement – whether you’re a bridesmaid, bride, wedding guest or partygoer!

For a shoe clip that isn’t afraid to turn heads, look no further than our Sassi feather wedding shoe clip – Sassi by name and sassy by nature. Made with silver beads and white feathers that are created to sit over the foot, they’re the ultimate way to add a fabulous feathery flourish to your pair of heels – especially if you’re attending a boho-inspired or Art Deco-esque event.

Alternatively, add some pearls to your wedding shoes with our Camille wedding shoe clips, a beautiful new addition in our shoe accessory collection. Perfect for brides with a pearl theme to their wedding, the Camille shoe clips are a beautiful cluster of shimmering ivory pearls that will elevate even the simplest pair of shoes.

Lulu Wedding shoe chiffon strap
sassi feathered wedding shoe clip
Camille pearl detail wedding shoe clip

Explore Rainbow Club’s Shoe Straps


  We have a curated collection of shoe straps that have been thoughtfully designed to transform the style and look of your shoes. Plus, our innovative approach allows you to mix and match our straps with compatible shoes that feature an interchangeable strap function. This includes Amelie, Lena, Maya and Gracie – so switch it up depending on the day to match your mood or outfit. You’re guaranteed to have a stunning and unique look every time you wear them!

Our Lena Strap is a classic choice for the elegant bride-to-be, with its chic pearl design allowing it to complement a wide range of shoe styles. From your wedding shoes to everyday flats, this versatile accessory will elevate your footwear in just seconds. You’ll also find it hard to find a prettier shoe strap than our Amelie, which features a divine blend of clear and silver beads. Although decadent, it has a relaxed bohemian feel that it impossible not to fall in love with. We’ve already introduced you to Lulu, our organza ribbon straps in ivory – the perfect way to add a fashion-focused feel to your footwear collection. You can mix and match our straps with a variety of our shoes here at Rainbow Club and we’ll let you in on a little secret… We’ll soon be launching our Season 2024 new designs which offer an interchangeable strap function, so keep your eyes peeled on new accessories coming very soon!

rainbow club collection of wedding shoe straps

Discover Rainbow Club’s Shoe Clips


Since the launch of Rainbow Club’s shoe clips, we’ve had brides, bridesmaids, wedding guests and fashionista falling head over heels with our collection. These gorgeous little shoe additions are one of the easiest (and most glamorous) ways to switch up your shoe style in just a simple click. From feathered statement pieces to sparkle-drenched dramatic bows, we have a huge range for you to peruse through! Whether you’re looking to add that flourishing finishing touch to your aisle style or you want something extra special for a birthday celebration, our collection of shoe gems has got you covered for every event.

rainbow club collection of wedding shoe clips

Have a nosey at some of our ‘How-To’ reels on Instagram, including our Chiffon bow clip paired with the Amelie shoe –  we are loving those lilac vibes! Our shoe clips can be added to almost any shoe, but they can also transform our bags, including Hattie and Celina. Simply clip a shoe gem onto the front of the bags and you’re good to go, you now have a statement clutch for any occasion.

It just goes to show, Rainbow Club’s collection of shoe accessories are your secret weapons in the world of shoes, giving you the chance to breathe new life into your footwear collection. From dazzling gems to stylish straps, the selection promises you infinite possibilities for tailoring your wardrove so that you can express your individual style with ease, freedom and creativity. Now you have an array of looks to suit any occasion! Ahead of our launch of Rainbow Club’s Season 2024 collection, stay tuned on Instagram to soak up all the shoe inspiration you could ever need and take your style game to new heights.

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