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Wedding anniversaries are a chance to reconnect and reflect on another year of growth and adventure with your beloved. It is also the perfect way to remember the day you said ‘I Do’, and all the special memories it brings.

How you commemorate the day is your choice but it is definitely a great excuse to get dressed up, exchange gifts, and celebrate each other.

Here are a few ideas of how to make your anniversary as special as possible.

Traditional Gifts

Depending on which year you are celebrating, each wedding anniversary has a different traditional meaning and gift associated with it.

From your 1st anniversary present of Paper to your 10th of Tin, here is the list of the first 10 years of traditional gifts.

  • 1st Anniversary – Paper
  • 2nd Anniversary – Cotton
  • 3rd Anniversary – Leather
  • 4th Anniversary – Linen
  • 5th Anniversary – Wood
  • 6th Anniversary – Sugar
  • 7th Anniversary – Wool
  • 8th Anniversary – Salt
  • 9th Anniversary – Copper
  • 10th Anniversary – Tin

You don’t have to take these gifts literally, why not put a modern twist on this and buy something unique. How about a cute print of your wedding venue to hang on your wall for your 1st ‘paper’ anniversary? Or a personalised wooden chopping board for your 5th ‘wood’ anniversary?

The list is endless and there are some great small businesses with unique gift ideas online.

Get Dressed up

We love any excuse to get your glad rags on and go to your favourite restaurant or bar!

Whatever you decide to do, getting dressed up just makes the occasion feel that little bit more special. Especially if you include some of the accessories you wore on your wedding day – your jewellery or even your wedding shoes!

If you chose to wear Rainbow Club shoes on your big day, you can have them dyed to any colour after your wedding with our unique colour customisation service. Meaning you can wear them again and again, and still get that special feeling when you put them on.

Wear your Wedding Dress

Who says you can only wear your wedding dress once?! Why not put it on every year on your anniversary and celebrate in style at home with your favourite food and drink. It will bring back all the memories of that special day and give you a great excuse to wear the most beautiful dress you own again!

So whatever you decide to, remember to tag us on social media and make time to celebrate each other, your relationship and the memories of your wedding day.

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