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Our latest #InOurShoes blog features Charlotte and Paul’s wedding which took place last November, they planned a day full of colour – from Charlotte’s shoes to Paul’s Kilt!

Brides to be who are planning to have a bold, bright yet beautiful wedding theme, you MUST take a look at this wedding!

What was Paul’s proposal like?

It was New Year’s eve 2015 and he took me on our first date again. We started the night with a couple of drinks in the pub he used to work in, then we watched a comedy show at Up the Creek before dancing the night away into the New Year (2016).

His plan was to then walk through Greenwich University (where we met and studied) and he was going to pop the question on the university grounds, however, it was 1:30 am and the gates were closed. Paul was determined to walk through the grounds but I, completely unaware of what was about to happen, kept insisting we’d just walk along the Thames. Eventually, he agreed to walk along the river.

A bit of cheesy background, our pet name for each other is Bear and while we were dating Paul would ask me ‘forever bears?’ and I would always respond with something like ‘if you’re good’ or ‘if you’re lucky’.

So, when it came to Paul popping the question, he said ‘forever bears?’ and I responded with ‘if you’re good’ and he reacted by dropping on one knee and asking ‘is this good enough? Will you marry me?’. Of course, I was over the moon and made a lot of squealing noises and general flapping about and through all of this Paul stayed on one knee because I hadn’t actually said yes! It was without a doubt 100% a YES!

When and where did you get married?

We got married on the 25th of November 2017 at Gorcott Hall in Redditch. We didn’t know it when we booked the date, but it is the same day Paul’s grandparents got married!

We chose to get married in Redditch as my family are largely based in Reading and Paul’s are in Preston, so Redditch was bang-smack in the middle of the two.

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Did you have a specific theme or colour scheme?

Our colour scheme was navy and gold. I can’t remember exactly how this came to be, but it could be because my engagement ring is a blue sapphire on a yellow gold ring or that, being Harry Potter fans, it’s a little subtle nod to our Hogwarts houses; me in Hufflepuff (yellow) and Paul in Ravenclaw (blue).

As I’m a crafter and enjoy making things we also had, what I like to call, a classy homemade feel; all the decorations were made by myself, including the centrepieces, artwork and all the wedding stationery.

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How did you feel when you said yes to the dress?

When I put the dress on, it just felt right. It was comfortable and easy wear plus made me feel perfect. I had my sister and mum with me who helped me pick the dress and they loved it as well. I’m quite practically minded so I knew what type of dress I wanted and it was just a matter of finding the right dress that suited me.

How did you choose your shoes?

Because I chose a tea length dress, I knew the shoes would play a big part. I always wanted to incorporate the colour scheme into my outfit somehow and having navy shoes was the best way to do it! I searched the internet high and low for exactly the right navy shoes, which if you’ve ever tried to look for precisely the right colour and style online, you’ll know it is no mean feat! (pun totally intended). Then, I came across a picture of a light blue version of the Marcia Mary-Jane block heel shoes by Rainbow Club and I literally fell in love. They had everything I needed plus I could have them any colour I wanted, absolutely perfect!

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What was the most favourite and memorable part of the day?

My favourite part is hard to decide, there were so many fantastic moments; from getting ready surrounded by friends and family, to seeing Paul at the end of the aisle then saying ‘I do’. From having those private intimate moments with my new husband to watching everyone having a good time and finally spending the last moments of our day with immediate family and close friends enjoying one final drink before bed. Everything was fantastic!

My most memorable part is easy, it’s my dad. The little looks he gave me, him walking me down the aisle, his speech, the father-daughter dance and him sitting next to me at the very end of the night making sure I had the best day ever. Never have I seen him so excited, proud, and content. It makes me cry happy tears just thinking about it!

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Do you have any advice for brides to be?

I’ve got bags full!


Get good photographers! I know wedding photography can cost a lot, but those photos are your memories and will be totally worth every penny! Get photographers that blend in and capture all the precious moments that you didn’t even know had happened. And, get photographers that you feel comfortable with; they follow you for your entire day, they see you getting ready, saying ‘I do’ and for your first private moments as husband and wife. Trust me, it makes all the difference!


Make a list of formal photos and give that list to as many people as possible. We had 5 wedding guests with lists plus the photographers, it speeds up the process of getting the right people in the right places and keeps things moving.


Pick a beautiful venue and you don’t have to worry about the decorations or backdrops for your photos. It makes everything so much easier!


If you think you can make everything yourself be prepared to put some serious time in. I did this and although it was lovely to see everything handmade, I’m not sure if some of the guests had even noticed. Get help from friends and family or better yet, limit what you’re making to the absolute essentials and pay for someone to do the rest.


Get as stressed as you like, but on the day there is no point. Enjoy everything and soak in every moment. If something goes wrong, it becomes a story to tell. Have fun, love it and have a bloody smashing time!

We have loved reading and seeing Charlotte and Paul’s wedding, thank you for sharing it with us and a huge congratulations to you both!

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Photographer: S2 Images (

Hair: Gemma Howard-Masters (

Makeup: Laura Adams (

Shoes: Marcia by Rainbow Club (

Wedding Dress Designer: House of Mooshki (

Wedding Venue: Gorcott Hall (

Florist: Somerset Paper Flowers

Cake: Megs Kitchen (

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