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An invitation makes its way through your letterbox and lands on your doorstep, you open it and make a note of the date in your diary. Once again, it’s time to think about what outfit you’re going to wear and most importantly, to begin the search for the perfect pair of wedding guest shoes. Let the fun begin!

With the New Year firmly behind us, we’re sure that your 2023 calendar (and beyond) is scattered with an array of weddings, from scorching summer celebrations to magical winter soirées. Have you ever found the perfect wedding guest attire but struggled to find the perfect pair of shoes to match? You’re certainly not alone!

We’ve listened to our customers – from brides-to-be, mother of the brides, wedding guests, party goers and dance-floor takers – and we’ve reinvented the way that you buy shoes. Our brand-new colour studio at Rainbow Club brings you the holy grail of shoe choice, offering you the luxury, creativity and freedom that your feet (and the rest of your outfit) deserve. Rainbow Club’s promise is that you’ll be able to have a pair of shoes that feel so effortlessly you, that you’ll never want to take them off again…

Our Shoe Range

If you haven’t already, we suggest you make yourselves acquainted with our extensive collection of exquisite ivory shoes on offer. From court shoes to sling backs, the classic Mary Jane to the cute kitten heel, have a browse through our never-ending range at Rainbow Club. Whether you’re looking for wedding guest shoes or a colour-popping pair to party the night away in, you’re guaranteed to find something you love within our pages. If you adore the thought of zesty yellow wedding guest shoes or you’ve spotted a fuchsia pink pair of heels on our Instagram, you can now purchase up to 5 divine swatches that will be delivered straight to your door, complete with our luxe Rainbow Club box and brochure.

Psst… Don’t forget you’ll also find Rainbow Club proudly displayed on the shelves at the likes of John Lewis, Next and an array of bridal studios across the UK. So, if you’re ever out shopping and fancy having a nosey, there really are no excuses!

New Colour Swatches

Our Colour Studio endeavours to bring you the ultimate experience when it comes to choosing your heels. Bringing you a modern, sleek and totally seamless process (with shoes to match), you can transform your ivory Rainbow Club shoes to suit your style, occasion, mood or vibe. With 20 eye-catching colourful choices and 20 ultra-sophisticated neutral shades, you have 40 key colour swatches to choose from. The rumours are true – here at Rainbow Club our talented team really can hand dye our heels to any colour your heart desires. And if you can’t decide, why not get two pairs of heels in different colours. After all, our ethos is that you can never have too many shoes!

Rainbow Club Wedding Shoe Colour Dyeing Swatches

The new collection of 40 colour shades within the Rainbow Club Colour Studio range from rich forest green hues to plush purple palettes, meaning you’ll be completely spoilt for choice. But once you’ve picked your pair of wedding guest shoes, it goes without saying you need the accessories to match! Our once-ivory accessories can also be hand-dyed to flawlessly match your shoes – or you can go for something totally contrasting to what’s on your feet. Have a peek at our collection of wedding guest accessories here. If there is a unique colour that you can’t find within our 40 swatches or its exclusively available only in stores, just let a member of the Rainbow Club team know and we’ll get busy behind-the-scenes to work our colour magic. After all, life’s too short to live in black and white!

Bespoke Colour

Whether you’re looking to customise your Rainbow Club wedding guest shoes or bridal heels, you can choose from our capsule or bespoke colour service. Our capsule range includes 40 of the most envy-inducing shades around, offering you a huge selection of colours to choose from. If you’re searching for a precise colour match, you may want to consider our bespoke colour service, where we will perfectly match your Rainbow Club shoes and accessories to any fabric swatch, garment or accessory that you share with us. A truly bespoke service, our couture colour service begins from £12.50.

Freya Wedding Shoes In Ivory
Freya Wedding Shoes In Ivory
Freya Dyed To 'Emerald Green' With Our Capsule Colour Service
Freya Dyed To ‘Emerald Green’ With Our Capsule Colour Service
Freya Dyed Pink With Our Bespoke Colour Service
Freya Dyed Pink With Our Bespoke Colour Service

Bliss Comfort

And just because you get total freedom when it comes to choosing the colour of your Rainbow Club heels, it doesn’t mean we compromise on comfort. Each and every pair of shoes has been designed with comfort technology, incorporating our Bliss Comfort with signature padded linings and super soft underfoot cushioning. Our comfort technology has been expertly created to support your feet all day long so that you feel like you’re walking on air, ensuring you make an entrance in the most confident (and comfortable) way.

Colour Protection

Within our Colour Studio, it’s important to our team that your wedding guest shoes get the attention and care they need to make sure they look pristine at any party. Our Colour Protection Spray is used for all our dyed shoes and accessories, where we hand spray every product before it is dispatched to your door. Not only does this preserve the colour, but it makes them waterproof too. If you’re planning on wearing your dyed shoes outdoors or they’re likely to come into contact with moisture or water, we highly recommend that you purchase our additional Extreme Spray Protection, which adds an even stronger resistance to moisture and will keep your shoes in beautiful condition. Then, you can enjoy your event without worrying about the weather.

The Colour Studio Process

You’re just a few steps away from your coloured shoes…  

Step 1 – Purchase your Shoes

Whether you’re buying online or in-store, please ensure your Rainbow Club heels are the perfect fit for your feet before you send them to us.

Step 2 – Colour Customisation

If you’re buying in-store, please complete the in-store order form, ensuring your chosen seasonal shade or colour reference is clearly stated. For those buying online, please download and complete the order form, select black, navy or colour, and then pop it straight back to us.

Step 3 – Mix and Match

Once your shoes and/or accessories have safely arrived at Rainbow Club HQ, we’ll get to work and our Colour Studio will colour customise your purchases.

Step 4 – Dyed to Match

Your shoes and accessories will then be carefully hand-dyed by one of our experienced colour technicians, using our environmentally friendly water-based dyes. Once dried, they will be inspected and signed off, before being dispatched to you.

Step 5 – Step Out In Style

When you’ve received your shoes, it’s time to step out in colourful Rainbow Club style.

Finishing Touches

Let’s not forget about those all-important finishing touches for your wedding guest shoes or bridal heels. New to the game, our innovative clip-on shoe gems are the ultimate way to accessorise your Rainbow Club shoes. From embellished bows to romantic flowers, our collection of brooch shoe clips can simply be fastened onto the front (or even back) of your favourite pair and you’re aisle-ready. If you’re feeling indecisive, just pop a pair into your clutch and transform your shoes whenever you fancy!

Astrid Wedding Shoe Clips
Astrid Wedding Shoe Clips
Wedding Shoe Clip Range
Wedding Shoe Clip Range


Winter or summer, colourful or neutral, the Rainbow Club Colour Studio has got you covered. And as the industry’s leading wedding shoe brand and colour authority, we love nothing more than seeing our customer’s let their imaginations run riot. Whether you want bridal shoes to match your wedding colour palette, or you fancy popping on a pair of statement shoes for the ‘after party’, our Colour Studio is here to help you wear something that is anything but ordinary. Where you can be unashamedly you.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep browsing through our swoon-worthy collection of bridal heels, wedding guest shoes and must-have accessories or swing by our Colour Studio now to find out more. If you have any queries, you can drop us a note here and we’ll get straight back to you. We’d love to see your coloured shoes or accessories, so don’t forget to tag us in your posts on Instagram @rainbowclubuk.

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