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How to Rock the Mother of the Bride Outfit


You may have been waiting for this moment for years, but being the mother of the bride takes planning, co-ordination and a lot of restraint! From choosing the right colour to making sure you’re not stepping on your daughter’s toes, we have everything you could ever need to enjoy one of life’s best occasions.


Mother of the Bride


It’s All in the Colour


When it comes to choosing your outfit, there are a few wedding etiquettes to be observed.


Traditionally, it is respectful not to wear white in competition with the bride, but if they are okay with the idea, then there’s nothing stopping you from going with an off white such as cream or ivory.


Unless the theme states it, then it’s very unlikely that you’ll be wearing black, or any shades of it. This is because of the funeral vibes that come with the it – so best to avoid.


You may want to stand out, in that case, choose a colour that fits the theme whilst also fitting you, there’s no point in choosing a bright orange, for example, if you feel out of place in it.


Instead, stick to seasonal colours that fit the theme. For summer, look for brighter pops of colour such as orange, pink and yellow. For winter, harsher colours like blue, emerald and burgundy.

Mother of the Bride





Just because it’s your daughter’s wedding does not mean you have to wear something you normally wouldn’t. If you feel uncomfortable wearing a dress then stick with a stylish trouser suit.


If you wouldn’t normally wear high heels then choose a pair of flats or a low heel. We have a stunning collection for Mothers of the bride.


Reese Lemon




Take into account the venue. If you’re going abroad or to a lovely beach ceremony, think about the weather and how hot it can get.


Try to avoid wearing longer dresses which will bake you during the day and weigh you down. Conversely, if it’s during the evening or winter, wrap up with a longer sleeve gown to stay warm and chic.


Mother of the Bride




Make sure that you communicate your outfit so that you do not clash.


There’s nothing worse than turning up to a wedding and wearing the same outfit as the Mother of the Groom. If you want to complement each other though, just make sure it works!


Mother of the Bride


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