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Many brides desire their wedding day to be unique and individual, to shine from the rest and create a wedding day that is remembered forever. One of our stockists Anna, at the Pretty Wedding Shoe company hand paints our gorgeous shoes with any design you can think of. From an unlimited choice of colours, styles and themes, Anna has you covered!

Tell us about The Pretty Wedding Shoe Company and your hand painted shoes?

The Pretty Wedding Shoe Company is for everyone who wants some unique hand painted shoes for a wedding or special occasion.

Give us an idea of what you could have painted on your shoes.

Our shoes can be hand painted to match a bride’s flowers, wedding colours or any theme. Shoes can include personal elements that reflect interests or something meaningful.

Themes I have painted include Dr Who shoes complete with Tardis and snowflakes for a beautiful winter wedding. Really the only limit is your imagination!

One of my most memorable pair to paint was for a bride who had lost her father shortly before her wedding. She had the word ‘Dad’ added surrounded by his favourite roses. Even though he physically wasn’t walking down the aisle with her, he was still very much with her every step of the way.

The Pretty Wedding Shoe Company

How do you go from idea to creating the finished shoes?

I encourage brides to collect together samples of colours they like, swatches, inspirational images, magazine pictures or even a whole mood board! I always tell brides not to worry if they don’t know exactly what they want at this stage, as we can use this as a starting point.

I will then do an initial design based on our discussion and once the bride is totally happy I will go ahead and paint the shoes.

It seems a brilliant concept. How did the Pretty Wedding Shoe Company begin?

My daughter was getting married and she wanted a pair of wedding shoes that would fit in with her rustic, floral theme. She found some shoes she liked online, but they were out of stock everywhere! Being an established artist, I offered to paint her a pair. I happened to post a picture of them on Instagram and the response I got was amazing and the Pretty Wedding Shoe Company was born!

Tell us a bit more about your business and what makes it so special?

Our friendly, personalised service coupled with an awesome product makes us special!

I know how stressful planning a wedding can be, so I wanted to make the experience of buying bridal and bridesmaids shoes a fun, enjoyable social event – something to look forward to not dread.

For me comfort is as important as looks, because I genuinely don’t want anyone to have sore feet spoil their special day. I pride myself that my brides leave happy in the knowledge that their shoes not only look good, but will be really comfortable too.

I have even written a helpful Free Wedding Shoe Guide for brides called ‘Everything you didn’t know you needed to know about buying the right shoes!”

The Pretty Wedding Shoe Company

Your customers are now able to buy Rainbow Club Shoes directly from you online or by appointment at your studio. Why did you decide to become a Stockist?

Last year so many of the shoes that were being sent to me to be hand painted, were Rainbow Club Shoes and I fell in love with them! They stood out from the rest as they managed to blend style and comfort together like no other shoe.

When I decided to expand the Pretty Wedding Shoe Company, I just knew that Rainbow Club Shoes fitted perfectly with my brand of offering a high quality, but affordable shoe.

I knew my brides would love the idea of a one stop shop for all their wedding shoe needs and to be able to deliver that coupled with excellent service, attention to detail and my creative flair it was a winning combination. It was a no brainer really!

The Pretty Wedding Shoe Company

Do you hand paint anything else apart from shoes?

Yes! I hand paint ties, bow ties, cravats and pocket squares for the boys – big and small!

Then for the Flower Girls, sweet little satin shoes or ballet pumps and for the Tweenies, cute shoes with enough of a heel to feel grown up, but low enough that they are easy to walk in!

Do you only cater for weddings?

No, our shoes are suitable for occasions other than weddings and everyone is welcome to buy from us. You don’t have to have your shoes hand painted either if you would rather keep them plain. It’s entirely up to the customer.

How can people get in touch with you?

Either through our website:

Or email:

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