Take a look at the soles of all Rainbow Club shoes…


There you will find a glint of sapphire that catches the light as you walk. Every pair of our shoes features a sparkling ‘something blue’ gem for your magical day. It’s our token of good luck and a mark of design authenticity.


Rainbow Club Something Blue


Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, Something blue


This tradition comes from an old English rhyme and the four objects the bride adds to her wedding attire or carries with her on her big day as good luck charms.


So we expect you are wondering what they mean, and how to include them in your big day...


Something Old - Represents continuity

This is something that has been passed down as a heirloom – your grandmothers pearl bracelet or a piece of lace from your mothers wedding dress.



Something New - Offers optimism for the future

This could be a new pair diamond earrings from your husband to be or why not treat yourself to some beautiful and luxurious lingerie?



Something Borrowed - Symbolises borrowed happiness

Your sister’s or mothers wedding garter is a traditional and popular choice



Something Blue - Stands for purity, love and fidelity

Your Rainbow Club wedding shoes, you can have them in ivory with our blue stone on the bottom or why not have them hand coloured to blue?