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Halloween has come again, and we all know what that means; dressing up in costumes, carving pumpkins and avoiding children knocking on your door. You know… all the things we love to do. But how does that transform itself into a wedding?

Something a lot of us see as traditional, conservative and holy? Well, we at Rainbow Club have plenty of experience and knowhow in the matter and have created a Pinterest board for all of your inspirational needs.

Halloween is not a niche tradition, we’ve all heard of it, so whilst we could inform you of pumpkins, ghosts and werewolves, we will instead indulge in subtlety and the art of making your special day stand out, whilst not going overboard. So enter – but be warned!

The Candescence of Colour – Or Lack Thereof

Halloween can spring thoughts of horror, death and gore, all brought under the darkness of night where ghouls and terrors come to haunt the living. In reality, it’s an excuse to wear something a little different. This is where we come in. Our satin shoes are famed the world over for their elegance, style and comfort, but for many, it’s our colour studio that brings the shoes to life!

Halloween 2

Images courtesy of Pinterest – Moodboard: Rainbow Club Halloween Wedding Theme

As a Halloween inspired bride, you’ll be looking to create a moody but intrepid atmosphere where you leave your guests in awe, striking them with colour from your dazzling pair of shoes. However, there is one of two options here. The first – you go all out in colour, bright, festive and natural akin to a jack-o’-lantern glowing from the radiance of the dark. Be the light at the end of the tunnel and show the world that you’re incredibly strong and powerful, or just really eccentric.

The second option, prey on the twilight and go even darker. Your shoes, and more importantly their colour, often give the first impression. So go bold with a black pair of our Bella peep toe stiletto’s and leave the crowd in your wake.

Halloween is a brilliant occasion for fun, so make your wedding day full of it. Why not have your guests turn up in costumes and have an award for the most realistic? Whatever it may be, create an occasion that will last forever.

So, check out our latest Pinterest board to see how you can make a Halloween themed wedding one to remember!

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