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If you’ve got your heart set on wearing a wedding veil but you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, don’t fret as you’re in the right place. From a long design elegantly edged with lace, to a chic shoulder-length style, brides are spoilt with a huge amount of choice when it comes to wedding veils. Once a traditional element of a bride’s attire, they are now considered to be a gorgeous finishing accessory that works hand in hand with your wedding dress.

As wedding veil experts, our team at Rainbow Club have whipped up the ultimate guide, packed with everything you need to know about veils. Keep scrolling and by the end of this feature, you’ll feel utterly prepared and equipped with all the hints, tips and tricks you need to find the perfect wedding veil for your big day…

Wedding Veil Tiers

Firstly, let’s talk about tiers – the rumours are true, they’re not just for wedding cakes. Tiers are essentially the number of ‘layers’ that a wedding veil has, and it can dramatically change the style and feel of how it looks when you put a veil on.

Single-Tier Wedding Veils

A single-tier wedding veil is perhaps the most commonly recognised design amongst brides. The veil is a single layer, flowing from the attachment point (which is usually a comb or a pin) straight down the back. We have a huge collection of single-tier wedding veils, including our Snapdragon Bridal Veil, which is beautifully finished with a soft ivory satin edge.

Two-Tier Wedding Veils

A two-tier wedding veil includes a ‘blusher’ section (hence the term, blushing bride) so that this particular part of the veil can be pulled forward over the face. This is lifted by the groom during the ceremony for that all-important newlywed kiss, before being gracefully placed back over the head so that it becomes two layers of material. Blushers can usually be designed to any length required and it is recommended that you experiment with different designs prior to making your final decision – consider if you would like your blusher to hang above your bridal bouquet, or would you like the material to drape over it? Our Tosca Bridal Veil is one of our most popular two-tiered veils, featuring  a Russian braid edge, and is available in two lengths.

Snapdragon Single Tier Wedding Veil

Tosca Two Tier Wedding Veil


Wedding Veil Lengths

Now you’re clued up on wedding veil tiers, it’s time to find out about the different lengths of wedding veils on offer. Traditionally named after the setting they were once used in, there are now no rules or restrictions on what length of veil you can choose. Consider the style of your wedding dress, think about your hairstyle and choose what you feel incredible wearing!

Rainbow Club Team Advice

If you are choosing a longer veil, we would recommend that your veil is around 30cm longer than the end of your wedding dress. Ask your bridal stylist or a member of your wedding party to measure from the top of your head (or where you plan to wear your veil) to the end of the train of your dress.


Cathedral Length Wedding Veils

Cathedral length veils are known to be 290 – 300cm long and offer a dramatic yet romantic trail. They can be designed with a variety of trim options, from pearls to sparkles, which will enhance your bridal style to complete and utter perfection. Boasting a scattering of sparkling diamantes, our Blazing Star Bridal Veil is available to buy in two lengths, including the cathedral length of 290cm. It’s made for brides who want to dazzle their way down the aisle!

Blazing Star Cathedral Length Wedding Veil

Church Length Wedding Veils

Also known as a chapel length veil, these are 245 – 250cm long. Although it is a little shorter, a church length veil still has the elegant trail of the cathedral version. It’s easy to fall in love with our Rose Bridal Veil, one of the latest additions to our collection, featuring rose embroidery and a stitched edge. The perfect choice for brides looking for a church length wedding veil!

Rose Church Length Wedding Veil

Floor Length Wedding Veils

Shorter again, floor length wedding veils are around 200cm long. They will just touch the floor with a delicate edge that can be adjusted according to your height. Our beautiful Starfire Wedding Veil is a beautiful example of this, which features scattered crystals and is perfect for brides looking for a hint of sparkle.

Starfire Floor Length Wedding Veil

Ballet & Fingetip Length Wedding Veils

A shorter yet sophisticated version, ballet length veils are 150cm long and end at around mid-calf length. And as the name suggest, a fingertip length veil is around 120cm long (height dependant) and will fall to around your fingertips when your arms are placed by your sides. If you’re looking for a medium-length design, our Hydrangea Bridal Veil has been finished with an ivory pearl edge that works with all wedding dress styles.

Blazing Star Cathedral Length Wedding Veil

Elbow Length Wedding Veils

The shortest veil choice of all, elbow-length veils are around 60-70cm long (height dependant) and they finish by the elbows. Our Azalea Bridal Veil is a short single-tier, featuring a dainty pearl and crystal edge that is subtle yet stunning.

Azelea Elbow Length Veil


The Veil Edge Style Guide

Your bridal veil should perfectly complement your wedding dress, so consider the edging you want it to be finished with. Here at Rainbow Club, we have a swoon-worthy collection of edging options, from pearl to lace, and everything in-between.

Coralbells Lace Edged Wedding Veil
Lace Edged Veils feature lace running all the way around the veil, framing the face and offering a serious dose of drama as you make your entrance. If you don’t want a fully laced option, you can opt for something a little different, where the lace gradually fades out around the shoulders. It goes without saying, our Coralbells Bridal Veil always leaves our brides feeling smitten, with intricate ivory lace detail running from its train up to the waist.
Jessamy Satin Edged Wedding Veil
Satin Edge Veils are the perfect choice for brides who want something simple yet luxurious. With a satin edge running around the entirety of the veil, it offers just the right amount of definition and structure. Available in two lengths, our Jessamy II Bridal Veil is certainly one to add to your wish list!
Cheerfulness Satin Edge Veil
Pencil Edge Veils offer a fine yet detailed line of stitching that features around the whole veil, no matter what the length may be. Our Cheerfulness Bridal Veil has been carefully finished with a Russian braid edge, speaking to fashion-forward brides who want simplicity yet style on their special day.
Elderflower Pearl Edged Wedding Veil
Pearl Edge Veils promise a classic and timeless feel for your wedding day look. Our Elderflower Bridal Veil is a full-length design that is trimmed with a classic pearl edge, effortlessly catching the light with every step you take.


How To Make Sure Your Wedding Dress and Bridal Veil Are Compatible

We’d always recommend choosing your wedding dress prior to finding your veil. This means you can assess the stand-out points of your dress and decide how your veil can work alongside these, rather than covering them! For instance, if your wedding dress has a detailed and show-stopping back or train, you may want to wear a shorter wedding veil so you can showcase this. On the other hand, perhaps you’ve chosen a very simple gown and you want a wedding veil with the wow-factor! This is the perfect opportunity to go all out and have fun choosing a more elaborate veil to complete your aisle style.


You will also want to think about the bridal hairstyle you’ll be wearing on your wedding day and how this can affect your chosen veil design. Do you want to wear a headpiece? Are you going to have an up-do? This will determine the length of your veil and where on your head you place it. If you can, we recommend buying your veil ahead of your hair trial so you can try out different hairstyles before the big day.


Veils can be secured in place with a crown, tiara, flower, headband and bobby pins or you could even select a veil with something that has already been designed with a headpiece. Offering the beauty of simplicity, our Indigo Bridal Veil is a full-length single-tier design, which has been completed with a stunning silver embellished comb.

Indigo Silver Comb Detail Bridal Veil

Consider The Location And Logistics

The location and logistics of your wedding day should be taken into account when choosing your wedding veil. If you’re getting married on the beach in a far-flung location, do you want your wedding veil to be trailing through the sand? A shorter design (with less layers) may be a more practical and comfortable option for a destination celebration where you know it’s going to be hot! If you’re getting married in a church, you may love the thought of something traditional with added drama, in which case a cathedral length veil is a gorgeous option.


Now you’re clued up on all things wedding veil-related, we suggest you head over to Rainbow Club Wedding Veils and have a browse through our dreamy collection. Our veils have been thoughtfully hand cut from Italian Tulle, bringing you an heirloom piece that you’ll treasure long after the wedding day is over. We have a variety of designs and lengths for you to choose from, so rest assured, we have a style to suit everyone. Happy wedding veil shopping! And in the meantime, make sure you follow us on Instagram for even more aisle style inspiration!

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