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Top 10 Ethical Wedding Trends


We’re all aware of the waste that comes with a wedding, from the food to the plastic packaging that the favours come in, and we’re probably all for trying to reduce our impact on the environment. With our top ten trends to follow, we hope to inspire you to make your wedding day as sustainable and green as possible.



Eco Transport


Merging two families together often means that distance can become a factor during the wedding where everyone drives in from different locations. By reducing the number of cars travelling, you can reduce how much fossil fuel is burned and pollution is leaked into the air and surrounding areas.


To limit the number of cars, we suggest carpooling wherever possible or even taking public transport. Another option would be to hire out a classic red Double Decker bus for everyone to squeeze onto. Not only would this reduce your footprint on the Earth, but also makes for some stunning photography.




Digital Invites


The average wedding sees up to 75 guests for the ceremony alone, with this number rising to over 100 for the reception – that’s a lot of invites to send.


The price alone is to send us into meltdown, but the cost overall to our planet is much larger. For all the paper sent and thrown away, you could send a digital version that costs a fraction of the price whilst ensuring no tress are cut down too.


Go Local


In keeping with our first tip, we also recommend booking a venue as close to home as possible. If its possible to walk you could line the streets with your friends and family leading to the church, or have guests cycle and get some much needed exercise in before the food and drink start flowing!


The energy saved at the expense of yours wherever possible will lead to a greener planet.


Seasonal Flowers


The flowers you choose to include in your wedding can have a big impact on the price. In seasoned flowers, more often than not, are sourced locally which saves you money, and the world energy in the form of shipping.


Many florists have a dedicated seasonal flower arrangement option on their website, so keep an eye out.





Men and women across the world are exploited for the goods that they spend months working on, for little pay. Farmers who produce cocoa see little reward for the products that the world loves. Miners are subjected to the worst possible environments to work in.


With Fairtrade, your wedding cake ingredients and rings can be sourced from people who are paid market prices for the labour they give.


Food Waste


Food that is left behind is often thrown away and the energy spent to grow and transport it is lost. At the end of the night, you can offer goody-bags that have left over food that remains from the event.


This could be a slice of cake each or sandwiches that weren’t eaten. Not only do you get to save food waste, but you can keep your guests happy whilst you do it.


Cruelty Free


When it comes to makeup, a lot of companies still test on animals to perfect their product. Although the UK has an outright ban on testing on animals, some brands still do in other countries around the world.


Some cruelty-free brands include:

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills
  • Soap & Glory
  • Kat Von D
  • Illamasqua
  • bareMinerals


Single Use Plastics


As we are witnessing the change from plastic to other sustainable and renewable alternatives across many industries, why should your wedding be any different?


Cut out single use plastic in the form of straws, bags and wipes that may be used throughout the day. Try purchasing cardboard straws and bags that can be recycled and reused.


Reusable Shoes


After your wedding, you may want your Rainbow Club shoes to be dyed so that you can re-wear them long into the future, and not a one off.


All of our shoes will be spray protected using environmentally friendly solutions which offer market leading protection.


Recycled Wedding Dress


Around the world, young girls are forced into marriages they desperately fight to stay out of.


A charity aptly named “Brides do Good” helps to alleviate this problem by offering education and funds for projects to the people affected. The money comes from dresses that have been sold to them after being worn once or twice. Not only can you help make the world a better place, but also get that dream dress for a fraction of the price!

Ethical Wedding Trends

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