Wedding Inspiration - First Dance

At last, all of the planning and preparation is starting to take shape and you can imagine exactly what your wedding day will look like. So, what are the final touches you need to think about to help make it the perfect day? In this Wedding Checklist, we’ll be looking at some of the more personal, sentimental details that will really make your wedding special, for both of you.


Choosing your vows

Let’s begin by discussing your vows; one of the most personal parts of any wedding. A lot of couples opt to write their own vows, which mean something to their relationship. If this is something you and your partner would consider, it’s important to check with your wedding officiant or religious representative first and ensure that you will be able to stray from tradition.


It’s also important that you are confident in writing them; it can be a daunting task and one that some people find a lot harder than they first imagined. Sometimes a compromise, like including just a few lines of your own, takes the pressure off whilst allowing you to have that personal, romantic message. Just remember to be yourself, mention your relationship and your love for your partner, and consider discussing your vows with your partner – just to make sure you both have a similar tone of voice and approach.


Finding a reading for your wedding day

Finding readings for your wedding can also take some time; you may have to look through a lot of options before you find something that really resonates with you. If you’re having a religious ceremony you may be limited in your choices so always check to see what freedom you have. If you can, try to choose something that fits your relationship and life as a couple; perhaps your favourite poem or a lyric that reminds you of the person standing opposite you.


Planning the music for a wedding

Music is an important part of any wedding, as it can set the mood of the room for the key moments of your wedding. During the reception you will want something ambient and low key so that your guests can still talk, whilst you’ll want something a little more lively for the evening celebrations. That could be a live band, a DJ or a playlist of your own – this may be depend on your budget but it’s always a great way to put some of your own personality into the wedding. Be mindful that your guest list will be incredibly varied so it’s good to mix it up and have something for everyone.


Choosing the song for your first dance

With that being said, there is one song that should be all about you as a couple. The experience of choosing the song for your first dance can be different for every couple; for some, it’s an easy choice whilst for others it can be a battle of personalities and tastes. Always try to return to a song that means something to you both, whether it’s the song that was playing when you first met or one that reminds you of a special occasion.


However, not every couple has a song and that’s OK. Choosing a song to fit the theme of your wedding is also a popular choice. If you really struggle, compromise and choose a song by one of your favourite artists. Don’t get too fixated on finding the perfect song and instead make sure you enjoy your moment as husband and wife, because that’s what you and your guests will remember.


So, there isn’t long now until the big day! We’ve got more wedding planning advice to come, when we talk about how to handle your hen and stag dos, but next we’ll be talking about one of our favourite topics… finding the right wedding shoes and veil! Make sure you visit all of our other blogs here to ensure you haven’t missed anything and follow us on social media for more wedding planning advice!