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To find your perfect wedding shoes you need to ensure they are comfortable, fit like a glove and look amazing!

Here are our 5 top tips for buying the right shoes for your big day:

Top Tips for your Wedding Day Part 1

1. Buy Your Dress First

Before trying on wedding gowns, keep an open mind – –dresses come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colours (you will be amazed at the number of shades of ivory you will find!). We all know every bride has that special moment when she finds her dream wedding gown –- when you try it on you will see yourself in that dress for the whole day. Do not compromise and wear a pair of shoes you already have, you want your shoes to look and feel amazing!

2. Establish What You Will Be Wearing Under Your Dress

What will be on your feet? Take the equivalent with you when you try on your shoes as this will affect how they fit and feel For example, if you’re having a winter wedding and are planning on wearing tights, take socks with you or pop socks will work if you’re wearing sheer tights or stockings.

3. Consider Contrast

If you have a satin dress, a lace embellished shoe or a statement shoe clip may well compliment this perfectly. You couldeven have your perfect shoe coloured to match your wedding colours.Don’t forget the tip of your shoe will be visible when you walk, so the right combination will mean you’ll love being in yourshoes all day long.

4. Heel Height

You’ll want to be comfortable in your perfect shoes all day, so your heel height choice will depend on what you’re used to. Ifyou don’t tend to wear high heels, then perhaps platforms are just not for you. However if your lucky groom is significantly taller than you, you might want to consider practicing! On the other hand, if you are similar in height, you don’t really want to tower over him so bear this in mind when you make your choice.

5. Go For a Walk

Take a little walk around like you would when buying any other shoes. We’d also recommend finding some stairs and different floors surfaces if you can to see how comfortable the shoes are and how well they stay on your feet.

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