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Colour Pack
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Step 1

Purchase your dyeable item and order a Colour Pack
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Choose any style that is marked with the multi coloured colour wheel logo, and add a colour pack to your order.

Step 2

We post your
Colour Pack
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Your order is shipped including our colour pack. Complete the order form, enclose a swatch, and return it to us using the included free post bag we sent you.

Step 3

We work our Colour Magic
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One of our Colour Technicians will dye to match the swatch you’ve sent us, once the dye is ready we apply it by hand to ensure the utmost care for your bespoke order.

Step 4

Enjoy your hand coloured item
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After your shoes are dyed, we return them to you at no extra cost to the delivery address you specified.

Colour Pack


Women's Shoe Colour Pack £25 / Kids Shoe Colour Pack £15 / Handbag & Shoe Clips Colour Pack £15

Our unique hand colouring service is a specialist service, whereby you can have your award winning Rainbow Club shoes, handbags and shoe clips hand coloured to any shade you desire!

When ordering a Colour Pack please ensure that the correct pack is ordered depending on the type of product you would like to be hand coloured. For example: women’s shoes – Women’s Colour Pack, kids shoes – Kids Colour Pack, handbags and shoe clips – Handbags and Shoe Clips Colour Pack.

You will need to purchase one pack per item you wish to have dyed. (A pair of shoe clips is one item)

The Colour Pack contains a pre-paid labelled UK return postage bag as well as an order form for you to complete and attach your chosen colour swatch. If purchasing from outside the UK, the cost of sending the shoes to us is not included. For more information on suitable swatches please click on ‘Info & Care’.

This service takes up to 10 working days from receipt of order at Rainbow Club Head Office.

Our hand colouring service is only available on Rainbow Club dyeable shoes, handbags and shoe clips.

Unless shoes, handbags and shoe clips are faulty, dyed orders cannot be returned due to the bespoke nature of the service.

All shoes, handbags and shoe clips are sold separately.

Info & care

Once we have received your shoes, handbags and/or shoe clips, we carefully inspect them to ensure the fabric is in perfect condition before applying the dye. Any blemishes may cause the dye to spread unevenly so we have to ensure they are in a good condition before proceeding.

Please take note, if your shoes have been spray protected prior to dyeing it will not be possible to dye them again due to the nature of our fabrics.

Please ensure the fabric swatch you have sent is a minimum of 2” x 2” (5 cm x 5 cm), we can also accept cotton reels, dresses and hats as swatches. Any garments sent shall be handled with the greatest of care and returned with your newly dyed shoes, handbags or shoe clips on a trackable service.

We will spray protect your shoes or handbag once they have been dyed with a water repellent product to set the colour. This will however not make your shoes waterproof but merely act to preserve the colour against moisture in the air.

We recommend you respray your shoes each time you wear them, to ensure the colour remains radiant. You can do this with a nano aerosal spray for suede or nubuck material, this can be found in most shoe shops or supermarkets.

Please make sure to avoid any direct contact with water as this will spoil the delicate nature of the satin and may affect the colour.