Couture Colour

When only a precise colour match will do our couture colour service is the solution. 


Couture Colour Service

We will match your Rainbow Club shoes and bag to any fabric swatch, garment or accessories that you share with us. It's truly bespoke. 

Follow the below steps to get your perfect colour match.


Couture Colour - It's all in the detail

For our Couture Colour service we've been known to colour‑match some unusual items, but in our experience, fabric swatches and cotton reels are the best, however we will also accept dresses, bags and hats. Send us a swatch no smaller than 2" x 2" (5 cm x 5 cm).

Any garments received at Rainbow Club are always kept in a safe place and sent back to you via recorded delivery with your dyed shoes and accessories.

Our colours are individually mixed to match your colour swatch to daylight or artificial conditions. In our experience, the lighting can change how the eyes perceive the colour so it's important you specify whether you want your product dyed to artificial or daylight conditions. 

All our dyed shoes and accessories will be spray protected before being dispatched to you, this spray protection preserves the colour but will not make them waterproof. If you are wearing dyed shoes outdoors, or they are likely to come into contact with moisture or water, we highly recommend that you purchase our additional Extreme Spray Protection, which will add a high resistance to moisture, keeping your shoes in beautiful condition.

Please read the terms and conditions on your colour pack order form.