Extreme Spray Protection

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All of our dyed shoes have our basic level of spray protection applied. This protection preserves the colour of the shoe but does not provide waterproofing protection.

If you are wearing dyed shoes outdoors, or they are likely to come into contact with moisture or water we also offer our extreme spray protection that will give your shoes the ultimate level of protection.

When purchased we will apply this extra protection to your coloured shoes after the dyeing process before sending them out, to ensure they are as protected as possible.

Colour Blue/Tan

Our Shoes


Helping you ‘walk on air’ requires superior technical knowledge.

It’s why we developed our Bliss Comfort – featuring our signature padded linings as well as a super-soft underfoot cushioning, cleverly designed to support you all day long.

Rainbow Club Comfortable Shoes


As the industry’s leading colour authority, you can let your imagination run wild.

Whether it’s accessories dyed to match your bridal palette or a stand out pair of shoes for your ‘after party’ we’ll help you go beyond bridal.

Rainbow Club Coloured Shoes

Something Blue

Every Rainbow Club shoe features a sparkling ‘something blue’ gem for your magical day that catches the light as you walk.

Think of it as a token of good luck and a mark of design authenticity.

Rainbow Club Something Blue

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