Colour Customisation


We can transform your Rainbow Club Ivory shoes and accessories to any colour you desire. You may have been inspired by a shade in our colour chart available exclusively in stores or you may have your own unique colour which you would like us to match to.

Choose from either our capsule or couture colour service to customise your Rainbow Club shoes and accessories.

Capsule Colour


downloadable form - free*

*Admin and handling fee applies

Couture Colour


Dye-To-Match Service - £30



Colour Spray Protection

All our dyed shoes and accessories are spray protected before being dispatched to you, this spray protection preserves the colour but will not make them waterproof. If you are wearing dyed shoes outdoors, or they are likely to come into contact with moisture or water, we highly recommend that you purchase our additional Extreme Spray Protection, which will add a high resistance to moisture, keeping your shoes in beautiful condition.

Standard VS Extreme Colour Protection


How the colouring process works