Wedding Checklist

The definitive wedding checklist for you to plan your wedding with.

We have spent some time looking at websites and in magazines and thanks to some very clever bloggers and writers, have come up with the definitive wedding checklist for you to plan your wedding too!  Let us know how your plans are going by dropping us an email: If you prefer to print this list off please click here for a downloadable .pdf file.

Get Started - As soon as possible

  • Make key decisions - e.g. type of ceremony, wedding theme, colour scheme.
  • Agree wedding budget
  • It's a great idea to set up dedicated bank account for all wedding costs
  • Investigate venues and make a decision you both agree on and support
  • Take out wedding insurance
  • Book a church or approved a venue for ceremony
  • Book ceremony time and date with minister or registrar
  • Give notice at your local register office
  • Book reception venue
  • Start a wedding scrapbook - with notes, ideas and pictures, This will help you get a clear idea on what you really want, and you wont be swayed by impulse purchases that might do against the feel!
  • Prepare draft guest list
  • Start looking for your wedding dress - try on lots of different styles, make sure you keep an open mind as something you may have never considered might just be perfect once you have it on!
  • Choose your bridesmaids
  • Get your groom to choose a Best Man - This will be important as he may need a helping hand when going about his groom duties
  • Discuss what needs to be done and assign tasks
  • Check passport will still be valid for your honeymoon. If the passport expires - arrange for a passport in your new name (will only be valid from date of marriage)
  • Arrange your travel vaccinations and/or visa
  • Start looking for wedding suppliers - visit, ask questions, get quotes. Look at some of the web directories online to get a good feel of who's who and what they do!
  • Make a provisional booking for time off work for your honeymoon
  • Check out accommodation nearby for guests

Six Months Before

  • Choose and order bridesmaid dresses - its good to leave lots of time so that they can arrange to be available for fittings etc.
  • Order your wedding dress
  • Book wedding transport
  • Book florist - start thinking about your choice of wedding flowers
  • Book wedding photographer
  • Book caterers
  • Book toastmaster (if having one)
  • Book any musicians or DJ
  • Book hairdresser
  • Book make-up artist - it's a great idea to opt for a make up artist as it allows you to really kick back and enjoy your day. They are also normally well tuned into what works on camera and what doesn't so there will be no shiny faces or mismatched base!
  • Book any other wedding entertainment

5 Months before

  • Start to compile a wedding gift list
  • Book honeymoon (and travel insurance)
  • Confirm holiday leave with work
  • Start looking for wedding accessories - shoes, veil, tiara, jewellery etc
  • Book first night accommodation
  • Finalise guest list
  • Order wedding cake
  • Order stationery/make your own - there are some amazing wedding blogs to get some great DIY ideas that will start the creative juices flowing!

4 Months before

  • Finalise gift list
  • Buy bridal lingerie - remember to then take this along to all your bridal fittings! Suggest your bridesmaids do the same.
  • Start thinking about favours, table decorations, table names and place cards

3 months before

  • Arrange suit fittings for the groomsmen
  • Choose and buy wedding rings
  • Send out invitations to all your guests
  • Agree and finalise all the wedding flowers required for your wedding day
  • Start thinking about what vows and readings to have
  • Start thinking about ceremony music
  • Start looking at first dance ideas
  • Create song list requests (including songs not to play!)
  • Order favours and table decorations if not making your own
  • Buy wedding shoes- remember to fit them on and have a good walk around the room. Remember, you will be wearing these for a whole day and will be on your feet for most of it and you definitely want to be comfortable and happy dancing the night away at the reception. Consider having your shoes coloured to add a touch of unexpected colour under a gorgeous wedding dress.
  • Buy wedding veil and tiara - remember to hang your veil out the night before the wedding, preferably in a walk room like the bathroom after a shower. This will naturally work out the creases and make your veil lie in the way it was cut. Never, Never steam a veil.

2 month before

  • Decide what vows and readings to have and confirm with minister/registrar
  • Suit fittings
  • Confirm ceremony details with minister/registrar (including order of service)
  • Have trial run with hairdresser and/or make-up artist
  • Buy guest book

1 month before

  • Arrange final wedding dress fittings
  • Arrange final fittings for bridesmaids, page boy and flower girl
  • Choose your wedding day perfume - this can be a fun activity you do with your bridesmaids, meeting in a department store after work one evening and following it up with girly cocktails once you've found the perfect sent!
  • Confirm all bookings with your wedding suppliers
  • Confirm honeymoon booking, timings etc
  • Confirm timings with the venue - including deliveries and wedding day schedule
  • Buy clothes for honeymoon - remember that if you are having a winter wedding, it may not be cold where you are going, Bikini's ladies!
  • Have your stag do
  • Have your hen do
  • Decide who to have as your two witnesses
  • Arrange date for wedding rehearsal (if church wedding)
  • Contact any guests who have not yet responded to the invitations
  • Agree and confirm any reception formalities and timings - to include receiving line, speeches and cake cutting.

2 weeks before

  • Finalise seating plan and provide venue and caterers with a copy
  • Create place cards and table plan - There are some gorgeous ideas using items found around the house, or in charity stores such as pegging names to old bird cages etc, so make sure you have a good look in magazines and online before you make a decision.
  • Make favours and any other table decorations (if making your own)
  • Provide caterers with final numbers including details of special dietary requirements
  • Provide the photographer with a list of essential shots - make sure they take pictures of your accessories and dress. Photographers can take some gorgeous abstract shots that you can use for thank you cards later.
  • Arrange to make any outstanding payments required in advance
  • Start to wear your wedding shoes around the house

1 week before

  • Get a haircut (groom) - This allows for any ‘slightly too short' cuts to grow out a little before the day.
  • Start packing for your honeymoon
  • Final check for all outfits - everyone to try on complete outfit to make sure everything is ok
  • Put together a schedule of wedding day timings and distribute to the wedding party. Give a copy of contact details for the wedding suppliers to the best man- this is a great idea for reassurance!
  • Buy any last minute items for honeymoon
  • Write thank you cards for your helpers and wrap any thank you gifts
  • Finalise arrangements with hairdresser/make-up artist re timings

The Day before

  • Drop off decorations, table plan, place cards, favours and guest book (and two+ pens) at the venue
  • Take out cash for any cash payments to be made on the day
  • Give rings to the best man
  • Ensure your honeymoon luggage is packed and left ready to be collected or taken with you in the car. Don't forget to pack the tickets and passports.
  • Lay out your wedding outfit, accessories, make-up and perfume so everything is ready for the morning (or pack everything up if you're getting ready elsewhere)
  • Ensure you have an emergency kit packed for your wedding day - to include plasters, mints, safety pins, pain-killers, make-up, mini hairspray and deodorant.
  • Speak to your attendants - check everyone knows what they need to do and when
  • Get pampered - have a manicure, pedicure and beauty treatment (but not a facial!). A massage is a great way for both the bride and groom to relax.
  • Make time to relax - have a nice bath, chill out and get to bed early
  • Don't forget to set your alarm - although you'll probably wake up early anyway

Your wedding day

  • Eat breakfast!
  • Check that the wedding bouquet, buttonholes and corsages have arrived
  • Check best man has rings, copies of speeches, vows, readings and any messages

After the wedding

  • Return hired clothing
  • Send wedding cake to anyone who couldn't make the wedding
  • Write thank you letters
  • Clean your wedding dress
  • Order your wedding photos
  • Enjoy married life!