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We’ve started getting into the mood for Halloween, with our thoughts now turning towards what to wear for the big night of celebration. If you’re anything like us, then your shoes are the main talking point of your outfit – allowing you to step out into the darkness of night with confidence, comfort and style.


If you’re one of the rising few who are getting married on or near Halloween, then look no further than out top 10 list of the most haunting Halloween wedding ideas.


Halloween Venue


Sinister Venues


The perfect venue for a Halloween wedding is one that oozes character and mystery such as an old castle or manor house, although, these options are expensive.


Other options include barns, old industrial buildings and hotels.




It’s important to have a tasteful affair with a subtle nod to Halloween without going overboard. Less is more on this occasion and you can set the entire mood using little more than colour and lighting, so be sure not to tempt yourself into having heaps of cheap Halloween decorations.




As was said before, setting the occasion using the theme is vital. Dot candles around the venue to create an eerie yet romantic atmosphere with darker colours such as emerald, amber and ruby. Not only this but you can stand out in white with the dark contrast allowed by the theme.




For your food and drink, use spice and traditional autumnal flavours such as cinnamon and pumpkin to bring out Halloween memories in your guests and of course, include lots of sweets!


To have a fresh harvest feel to your wedding, enjoy freshly pressed local cider to give you a strong apple flavour. Cocktails could include, ginger, maple syrup, lemon juice and whisky.




The favours do not need to cost a fortune for an awe inspiring Halloween themed wedding. Simply invest in some baking supplies and red dye to make blood covered cookies and gift them in coffin shaped packaging.




Nothing says creepy like an old superstition for brides on their wedding day.


Something old,
something new,
something borrowed,
something blue


Check out our Something Blue blog for ideas on what to wear to keep up with tradition.




For your photography, you’ll want to ensure you have a dark and moody feel to some of your photos. A slightly crooked horizon can set an uneasy feeling as we’re not used to seeing photos like that, as well as facing away from the camera to an unknown entity.




The flowers used throughout your ceremony and reception can be dark and bold to accentuate the theme. Use seasonal flowers as these will be cheaper and remind your guests of the Halloween theme, without going overboard. Look at Dahlias, Physalis’ and wild berries.




The cake can be what makes your wedding stand out as there are countless decorations to choose from. A simple black icing with flowers can do the trick, or have personalised toppers for that voodoo feel.




For a vintage and spooky dress, look to go Victorian with long lacy sleeves and large


Don’t wear overly Halloween dress, go lace for vintage and Victorian style with long sleeves. Bridesmaids can go all black or a dark, deep tone

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