We understand how important comfort is on your wedding day - after all, we do not want anything to distract you on the most important day of your life!

Rainbow Club's unique Bliss Cushion Comfort padded lining and super-soft underfoot comfort ensures tired feet will never be an issue.


Rainbow Club Comfortable Wedding Shoes


Our designers were the first to appreciate just how important comfort is in a wedding shoe. From getting ready in the morning to standing throughout the ceremony; from that special first dance to whirling the night away in celebration, our exclusively developed Bliss Cushion technology will not let you down.


You don't need to just take our word for it - our latest #InOurShoes bride Maddison was asked how she chose her gorgeous Lucy shoes: 'I was given shoes to wear whilst trying on my dress at my fittings, they felt so comfortable I asked who designed them, and they were Rainbow Club. I went straight online and ordered them.'


Rainbow Club #InOurShoes Wedding Shoes

 Photo credit: Daffodil Waves Photography


You can read all about Maddison's special day here


To believe how soft and comfortable our shoes are you really need to feel them - just find the style of the shoe you like and once you try it on you'll feel the difference!